final adjustments

The last week before my dive trip towards england starts.

Ill set off on a very early sunday mornig towards brussels to pick up some people joining me for the drive to london. From there i will have to make it to the ferry till 4pm. Arriving in Dover at about 6pm and dropping the people off at 8pm in london-orpington.

That means i would be arriving at half 9 in Vobster Quay at the earliest, and then to put my tent up in the dark – yey…


However … it thought it’d be sensible make a few more preparations with my equipment, so i installed a P-Valve and two pockets in my drysuit.

Really excited about the whole event. Meeting the most skilled and experienced technical divers and diving with them.






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  1. I’ll be at the camp site about 7.30pm i reckon, providing the ancient motorhome doesn’t fall apart! 🙂

    I can shine the headlights so you can get your tent up so don’t panic. AND i’ll get wife-buddy to make you a cup of tea as a reward once you’re done. 😉

    See you there


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