Day 1 : Fine Tuning

First day is about to be over. Todays topic on the training was fine tuning and of course the mandatory check dive.

I was grouped in with another local diver to the Instructor and famous author Mark Powell ( “Deco for Divers” ), so we went over our equipment config and tried to give it a bit of “fine-tuning”. In my case we worked a lot on my technique operating the valves. which made a big difference to me. When ive got the time i will publish a little article about that.

For lunch was a delicious burger and 3 presentations.

The first one was by Paul Toomer “Intro to technical diving”, then Rich Walker told us about the GUE “Project Baseline”  and the last one was about the Wookey hole by a diver whose name i will add here later  (sorry mate ).
On the second dive we put our corrections and fine tuning into practice by doing another dive in the quarry.
Its a really good atmosphere among the divers and everybody gets to know each other really quickly here.


Now im going back to the farm where we will get a few more talks about expeditions, and eventially an early night.

This really is a full on programme!


More news tomorrow.




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