Vobster TekCamp Day 2

Soo, day two here almost over.

Breakdown of my day : Riseandshine at 7am, breakfast at 8am, first workshop with the GUE UK Director about line laying at 10.

Workshop 1 : Line Laying.

Ever thought about how to properly lay some line in a wreck, cave or even the open sea ? Here was the answer : lots of dry exercise with eyes closed simulated a no viz situation where we had to find the way back to the start.
Then we put our dry practice underwater and included some extras like : no mask and OOG ( and both ), which was really challenging but i really learned a lot from it.


Luch talk : 1 WKPP : by GUE Instructor John Kendall

John Kendall presented us his experience about the Turner-Wakulla sink Connection dive with the WKPP in Florida 2009 which was quite insipring and tempting to start such a project myself aswell.


Lunch talk 2 : Diving and Surviving by Howard Payne.

Basicly a very helpful talk about the dos and donts in technical diving, most common problems and incidents in diving and how to avoid them .Im glad i did not miss misse this talk as it really broke down the most common mistakes in advanced diving.



Workshop 2 : Stage Handling with Richard Walker


How to configure a Stage, how to stack them and move them around underwater ? Richard Walker was the prime person to answer these questions. After a intense analizing and and planning on land, we started off underwater with one stage each and ended with a 3 stage movearound while doing an ascend. Obviously no perfection in that can be achieved in one day, but with the brilliant and experienced instructor Richard Walker we certainly got a big step closer to it.



Now we are going back up to the farm where Rich Walker (again 😉  ) is waiting for us with a talk about his wreck expeditions in norway.

Theres very little time to keep this Blog up to date but im trying as hard as i can.


Here are some pictures of the last two days !

I cannot over-emphasize how much it was worth it driving over here !!! Sorry to all the german lads who missed it out :(.


Im very sorry about the mess im writing down here, but there is little time to take photo and even less to write blogs.

As soon as im back or have time for it i will write up an extended review on this event which is going to be published further on german websites aswell.









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  1. Hej Richard,
    that soungs really good! Thanks for the updates!


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