Vobster TEKCamp Day 3

Yep, i tried to write this yesterday but the battery died while i was doing that.
Lets try again!


Day 3 held for me some exciting Tec-Rescue Workshop with Paul Toomer for me, but before all that we had a little warmup with a Breathhold exercise by Phil Short. How to relax when youre lung is absolutely empty and you have to perform a distance to your buddy with the lifeeasing reg ? That really helped.


The Tec – Rescue Workshop was absolutely stunning, we had soo much fun, even though the topic is quite a serious one.

Starting with proper gas sharing drills and we ended up simulating an unconscious buddy with deco on the clock .
The Lunch Talks by Jim Dowley and Mark Powell yesterday were about Wreck diving and Cave diving expeditions in egypt.

Some really interesting facts about the geology there were mentioned and when ill go to egypt next time ill definatly come round for some dives.


The second dive of the workshop held even more fun for me and gemma, we had an intense shutdown session followed by some stage moving while buddy breathing and no mask exercises. The confidence really went a big step higher after these drills.

The evening talks by martin robson and richie stevenson about cave and wreckdiving expeditions also covering some advanced deco procedures which are neccessary in those environments. Very interesting. It really makes a beginner technical diver think about pursueing some projects myself.


Todays ( Thursday day 4 ) Workshop for me is REBREATHER DIVING WITH PHIL SHORT, and thats why im going to stop here, purely because im just too excited!




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