New Light !

Okay, after a while a new post here. Meanwhile ive done about 4 dives in local quarrys/lakes

which proofed my expectations towards my new canister light.

here are some facts about it :

The manufacturer is quite new on the market, the brand name is ” light-for-me” and has its origins in poland,

but now moved to London.

Maybe they should have had a second thought towards the name 😉 .

The whole company is all about LED lights – starting from

backup lights with a light output of 1000lumens to a whole professional video-setup.

Ive got the 4Tec – Torch in the 3 hour version. The name pretty much tells it all.

This light is designed for technical divers – who need a canister light with a sufficient light output

and an battery capacity that meets their diving requirements. But whats new about this ?

Weve seen loads of these cheap LED Canister lights come and go.

The main reason of this is that so far usually only the expensive HID Technology

was able to meet the requirements for light intensity, battery capacity and

focusability to enable the diver to communicate using the light.


LED Technology isnt focusable – and that meant that theres no narrow beam angle that could generate clear underwater signals.

But the 4Tec torch has a fixed narrow focus that allows very clear underwater signals.

The torch comes completly assembled with a goodman handle and a charger.

Also a cordura pocket is included which allows to wear the torch on the harness without any metal straps.

This Youtube Video demonstrates the focus and light power of the torch.

The clear advantage of the LED is that the LED bulb has a lifetime of over 100000 hours,

and emitts less heat than the HID which results in less power consumption and smaller battery packs.

The battery pack of the size of a normal 0,5 beer can allows to use the torch on the 100% setting for 3 hours.

You can run the LED in the 100% or the 10% setting, which is still very bright.

The switch is located on the light head. The rotary magnetic switch also will not compromise

the integrity of the lighthead housing itself.

The manufacturer claims that the 4Tec Lighthead gives an output of 1200 Lumens, but as we all know these values arent very comparable.

One big advantage is also the price – i ordered my torch for roughly 420€ from the UK.

Comparable HID Lights start at 800€.

But to be honest the one minor thing i dont like is that i cant detatch the light head – as it is recommended for travelling.

For any further information about the torch visit the Manufacturers Website.

Ill provide an inwater video of the torch as soon as possible.


Tipps für Taucher !

Okay this is probably only of interest for my german readers here ,

but i want to mention this great site which had  a vertical takeoff since going online just a couple of months ago.
offers a wide variety of all kind of diving related topics, from book reviews

to step-to-step instructions to configure your dive gear the best way.

If your able to read german this site will answer many questions youve always asked yourself.

Check out the site now !

Tekcamp 2011 at Vobster Quay!

So after some time ive spend with my girlfriend here in Freiberg here are some updates :

Ill be changing my studying subject from mining-engineering to geology. Turns out im more of a scientist than an engineer…

However that gives a bit of time to spend on diving.

So I will be attending Tekcamp 2011 at Vobster Quay. Where is Vobster Quay – Its one of the more popular diving sites near Bath in England.

Basicly the idea of this is to bring more people to the sport and to give an opportunity to speak to different popular Instructors each day and have diving sessions with them.

Just an Example here : Phil Short (IANTD – Training Director UK), Mark Powell ( Author of “Deco for Divers” ) , Richard Walker ( GUE – Training Director UK ),  Martin Robson ( Senior ITT IANTD ) and Paul Toomer , who taught me.

My opinion was that this is an unique event in the world and nothing to miss…

Looking forward to this ill still try to get some more diving done here to “warmup”.

Obviously ill publish an report on the whole event.

Yupeee… 🙂


When you dive without using a dive computer – just with dive timers you need (a) runtime – slate(s) somewhere.

This is especially used in trimix dives, where redundant multigas computers are very expensive or if you do not want to

dive with computers at all ( -> DIR).

However, there are certain different types of slates you can put your diveplan on. Read the rest of this entry

New Rubberknobs for my Twinset.

In the last weeks i was quite busy, but i managed to do some dives in the Wildschütz Quarry and the tiny Riesenstein quarry which is near Meissen.

However – since ive boought the twinset ive been looking for better valve knobs, it came preinstalled with plastic wheels which were very difficult to operate underwater

with neoprene gloves.

I saw that offered the known sherwood rubberknobs but for 18€ each, that seemed quite like  a lot of money to me so i decided to keep looking.

And as i was visiting a dive shop in dresden ( tauchtreff – dresden ) i suddenly found some very nice rubberknobs made by seemann-sub. They came 9 Euros each and look even

better than the sherwood ones as they arent round, more like little cubic-ish.

Look for yourself – heres a picture :

finally – the own D12

Finally after my Internship in the German coal mining industry for a month ive got a bit of money to spend on my own diving equipment.

Just before my diving trip to tenerife with my girlfriend ive switched my equipment to DIR – standards (as far as it makes sense to me), even for recreational. Before i shot in the bay a DiveRite Classic 57lbs wing for a ridiculous small amount of money.

Read the rest of this entry

everything before.

Finally ive managed to get started with this blog – its all not final, ill have a second thought towards the appearance as soon as i have time for it.

But lets provide a bit more detail about the author of this blog – me : My name is Richard, im 21 Years old and currently studying mining engineering in Freiberg, Germany.

My Diving career started when i was on Malta to improve my english speaking capabilities. Read the rest of this entry